A collaboration between Fevered Sleep and MDI

An Infinite Line: Merseyside is a project inspired by the quality of natural light on Merseyside’s coast and estuaries, from West Kirby in the south to Southport in the north.  It explores how the landscape, architecture, weather, and water of Merseyside animate people’s experience of light; and how the light draws attention to the qualities and features of this place.

Merseyside is a place defined by movement (shifting landscapes, the ebbs and flows of the tides, river crossings, coastal paths, histories of arrival and departure) and the project will draw on collaborative research with individuals and communities who move around Merseyside’s coasts and estuaries as part of their daily lives, from ferry captains, dog walkers and runners to windsurfers, fishermen and meteorologists.

The project will take place in three stages, over three years, from 2014 – 2016.

Stage 1 – starting Jan 23rd 2014 - Research and mapping

Stage 2 – Jan – Dec 2015 - The creation of a series of actions and interventions (performances), which will be filmed.

Stage 3 – Jan – Dec 2016 - The presentation of a finished film, which will be a lasting document of the infinite variability of Merseyside’s light, and a visual poem celebrating Merseyside as a place that is always on the move.

We are looking for interesting groups and individuals along the Merseyside coastline who might be interested in talking to us about the project, especially during the research year 2014.

We are also looking for businesses, organisations and charities who work with environmental issues who might also be keen to learn more.

 For more information, please contact: Rachel Rogers at MDI on Rachel@mdi.org.uk 0151 708 8810