Notes from January’s visit #1:

26th January, 11:01am, somewhere near Hale, by the water, tide out, mudflats, reedbeds, wind, sunlight, high blue sky.

Silverygold, metal eggwash yellow, stippled and striated, sheet, melted light, tidal light, liquid light, low, expanding, flow, surface, covering, the wind makes the light catch and quicken, quiver, in everything.  Sand; light.  Reeds; light.  Water; light.  Notebook; light.  Everything is moving, vibrating.  A huge energy.  Something beginning.

Everything moves in this light, but especially at ground level:  flow, surface, tremble.  Reeds dance. A melted liquid canopy. Duck bill sharp: an edge, but a soft edge, but bodied, solid.  Something with weight pressing down. It is drifting.  Falling.  Enveloping.

A new sense of space.